Monday, January 5, 2004

"tastes like burning" - ralph wiggam

i just found out that besides the week of vacation that i get starting mar 03, my next vac day is may 31. that's may. the 05th month. that's like half a year. yea. half. 365 days divided by 2... or close to it. today is 01.05.04 i mean geeeez.

enough bitching. people have it worse than i do. yet again i know people who have 22 days off a year and go to work as i'm leaving for lunchtime!!!

i like burn. the burn. there's so many types of burn and i love them all. i love hot sauce. the burn is great, dunno why. alcohaul. the burn is just intoxicating. (so is the booze). even soda. i just cracked open a chilled 20oz dr pepper from the vending machine and as i take the first swig it burns (well it's chilli and bubble so it feels like burning)

someone told me in a study somewhere somehow they gave spicy food eaters some spicy food that just tasted like spicy but wasn't hot. and the spicy food eaters disliked it. thus proving that the hot in spice actually causes you to secrete some sort of chemical that gives you a mild high. this i'd like to believe, but don't. first of all cause i didn't read the actual article, and can't remember it. but secondly i don't feel high when i eat hot food. simply satisfied.

and alcohaul. my friend. how i love it straight up and room temp. i've been known to even heat up shots for shits and giggles! there's something about the burn that's so appealing to me. dunno why? i even love burning my tires!!!!

don't associate buring with hell cause i'm not really into that.... all that devil-ish hell is a hot place kinda crapola. i don't buy it. i am always feeling a bit cold tho. i like it warm and am eaisly depressed when it's cold even if it's rather nice out. i don't like to burn others, just myself. maybe this is that unknown governing force agaist all my previous relationships! *shakes head* nah... couldn't be. dumping and burning are 2 different things. dumping makes me think water, and water is cold.

i like hot. especially hot chicks!


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