Tuesday, January 13, 2004

unless you knew that, you wouldn't know that - "fellow CFW co-worker"

i take people for granted. and i feel people take me for granted. it's weird like that.... we're all somewhat granted. and it's not till an event occurs that pulls out that granted person and shows the real bottle that's hidden inside the brown bag. (my alcohaulic analogy) but the other day i was in downtown SD. this tall faded black man who probably hit 250lbs, 6'3" and around 27years old approached me. he was faded and he was asking me to buy him a 40oz of Olde English malt liquor. i decided to play with him a bit and shoot the shit instead of just tell him to be on with himself. hong came to see what i was talking about to this guy who was a lot bigger than i was. the guy told me i look like robert deniro. then he said that hong was better looking and looked like he was the one that got the ladies, but that i was the smooth one. he was so wrong, i'm the smoothness-antichrist i make sandpaper feel like silk underwear. so he then asked how we knew each other and this ladies and gents is the kicker. he asked hong and hong said we're brothers. i was shocked. i wanted to just hug him right there cause i felt so good that he'd say that to some random dude. i mean hong's taiwanese and i'm white but still, he is close as a brother, and i treat him accordingly. but it just felt good to hear him say that, even tho it was joking, i mean he was totally fucking with the guy, but with that tone set, the night was turning out to be a good one. 5 bars later i concluded that it was.


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