Friday, January 23, 2004

fashionable dj's

today i realized that i want to be fashionable. i really am not, and i'd like to be. but fashion is a very weird animal. since there is no right or wrong, bad or good, pretty or ugly that's concretely defined.. nothing can be used as a daytum. there is no zero. there is no point of reference. without that it's like floating in space. our definitions of good and bad change with the tides. nothing is certain. i remember learning that small shlongs and big noses were desireable in the times of rome. go figure. that dude david really isn't hung like a donkey, although his muscles are prolly exaggerated as most sculptures were in that time....

what's my point? so far. none.

now dj's. dj's just play other people's music. and they define themselves with the selection of other people's creations. if you want to be technical you can say some dj's spin music that they have produced, but we're not for now. they buy records and play other people's songs and in doing this they define what type of dj they are.

this is just like fashion in my eyes. people wear other people's designs and ideas in order to define themselves. it's not one individual outfit or article of clothing, but the whole collection and how they present it. a great track selection picked out and arranged in order will still suck balls if not mixed well.

so what do i want to do? what am i saying to myself here? i want to buy more clothes. more tracks. i want my repertoire to grow and i need to learn how to match different articles of clothing together. and have it work. i am not saying that i want to cruise melrose and buy trendy clothes from trendy shops with trendy owners and trendy (expencive as hell) prices. sometimes you gotta dig. find shit at places where the trendy fear being caught at. sometimes you can score a great article of clothing at somewhere like ross or marshalls, tj maxx... but anyone with any sense of "fashion" wouldn't be caught dead going there.. why not? afraid of some image.. (not saying all my shopping will partake there, but i can't rule it out) so then here they are, putting an imaginery daytum. putting a definite wrong action on something that we earlier defined to not have a wrong or right! hypocracy. that's like repremanding ben watt for playing a bootlegged whitelabel from prince over a basement jaxx beat. sure it's pretty cliche but it goes. they made it work. other dj's couldn't pull it off as well, but he could. he could shop at tj maxx!

gotta start diggin. diggin in crates and diggin on clothesracks.


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