Thursday, January 8, 2004

accomplish this!!!

some people wish to be a millionaire. others wish to be famous. these are all goal and dreams of many, yet few succeed in attaining these goals. setting a higher goal would be even less likely to be reached but i have done so! but i'm not talking fame and forture, i'm talking a higher more prestigious honor. one that only a few are bestowed upon. it takes years of work, dedication, sweat, and perserverance. it doesn't take a good speller. so what was my goal? to reach the top. to move my name up to the highest ranking possible. that's right, you know what i'm talking about.... the worlds more prestigious blog ranking (well my world's most i guess) and after years of being listed as the 3rd or 2nd most visited category, i have finally reached the top! i'm a blog worthy opponent!

i wonder if my purchase of the blogger messenger bag had anything to do with my success.

george, twin sister of the founder of (aka jon) has the number one spot, and she is the featured site!! (i later found out that i was at one point the featured site but had no idea that i was.. so it doesn't count)

regardless i'm happy. very happy. my years of blogging have more than paid off. they've double paid off. i can just see the chicks throwing themselves at me now for the change in status. women can't resist a man with power. muhahhahahah

ok back to work.


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