Monday, December 22, 2003

"the weekends over. it's monday morning, just you and i

take off your shirt and just say what you mean."

what does this song mean? i dunno. it's confusing. i'm confused. i think everyone around me is confused. but confusion isn't the word of the day. it's scared. i'm scared. people scare me. i empower too many people with too much power. i don't even think that's the right way to use the word empower, or spelling. but you should understand what i mean from the context i use it in. i give people power that i shouldn't. and giving others power and trusting others is just scary to me. very scary.

confused is ok. it's the transition times in life that are the funnest, although during any transition you're unhappy because you're striving for something that's stable. that's not my point. i'm at a point, trying to point you with a point that my point is not so pointy. ok so after making ultra lame point sentences i guess you can conclude that i'm 2 things. confused, and scared, mostly scared. but i'm enjoying it.


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