Thursday, December 4, 2003

answer the questions and we'll tell you who you are

i took the same quiz as hong and jon and turned out that i'm an 8. yup. numero ocho. 8 of 9. i'm like a B+ on a straight scale! not bad.

but i realize that i'm such not a do-it-the-first-time-and-get-it-right person. so i'm up to do it again (daddy) [funny poke at that skittles commercial from back in the days]

....180 questions later....

ok so this time i'm a 9.

before i was 85% 8 and 80% 9

now i'm 85% 9 and 83% 8... peep this:

as an 8 i'm just always looking for the next best thing, i can't commit to anything cause i'm in constant wait of a level jump. and i want to get all buckwild and then more buckwild.

then as a 9 i'm overlooked as a child. aviod tension, and should be a counselor. weird.

looks like of the 69,000 people that took the test, most are 8's. 7's are second and 9's are third. guess everyone feels like i do. yet as an 8, people don't feel like me.

now this is all great, what does it mean?

i've been under a big life changing idea. it's something so simple but it's results are phenominal. i'm working on a life philosopy for myself that should carry me at least a year or so. and if it all goes well maybe more.

will i reveal it? no. not yet, it's not finished. i'm in the R&D stage. it's not an original idea. it's many people's life philosopy, it's just that i have no means of adapting it without my own liason philosopy. it's very strange to me exactly how much dramatic a new outlook/lifephilosopy makes to your daily life. i'll see you guys in another light.

oh yea here's the personality quiz


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