Sunday, December 14, 2003

what an ugly car!!

there's something strangely attractive about a girl who drives an old car. the attraction isn't just a sexual attraction, nor is it a "i'd be missing out big time if i wasn't hanging out with that person" kind of attraction. it's a total, 100% in every aspect attraction. i love it!

yet, based on my previous the "grass is greener post", a girl in a nice car is very attractive as well. but i think that's more of a sexual attraction only. cause for some reason a girl who drives a nice car yields a great fantasy to almost any man. considering the man usually ends up driving the girls car. so ultimately, if you date a girl with a hot car, you have a hot car. i was in la and saw this regular looking whatever girl get into a brand new still no liscence plates silver with 18"rims infinity G35. sure i drooled a bit. but later on i saw 3 girls in a 1986 honda accord hatchback. guess who looked like more fun. sure three is better than one. but let's take her two friends out and which ride would you take?

now that girl with the old car. like really old. for example we'll talk about a 1979 volvo that's still together but if you drive it for 30 mins at 4500 rpm which comes out to about 83mph on a flat freeway, she'll (the car) overheat and you have to give it a nice 45min break on the side of the road with the hood up and plans of arriving on time out the window.

besides the obvious, (the car overheating) how is this hot? what about a girl sitting on the side of the road waiting for her car to cool down is attractive? simple. most girls for whom daddy purchased a nice new 2003 4 door honda accord ex, have been taken care of that same way all their life. if they had to wait 45mins on the side of the road and watch 1,000's of other not-overheated cars pass her by she'd go nuts and everyone within 3degrees of her would know and feel the horrible pain that she had to endure while her car overheated. she'd be on the phone calling everyone she could to get her out of there quick. and then she'd be on the phone yelling and complaining to the new loser guy that she's dating now cause she also can't handle being a single girl for more than a 2 week period. yes we all know her. that girl, like those girls. yep.

but our old car driving girl, she'd have a book or a journal, maybe she'd entertain herself counting the number of different liscense plates that pass her by in the 45min. regardless she's enjoying her time on the road, instead of resenting the world. this would be an unexpected relaxation period instead of an unacceptable inconvinence. see daddy raised accord girl with a nice fluffy pillow under her tushy. and daddy raised old car girl with the knowledge of repairing lawn mowers and installing sprinklers on saturday morning before all the chores had to get done.

this boils down to the higher tolerance, more independant, patient, grateful, more attractive girl for our hero to admire. granted there's nothing like a nice reliable car to drive you home at 3am. but there's something that's just more irritating than a clan of ants invading your ankles, and that's a girl who can, but won't -cause she never had to- change her taillight when it blows out. i'm not saying all women should be gearheads, because it's a rewarding feeling to explain to a girl (has to be the old car girl) the concept of forced induction. who doesn't like forced induction, *sigh* forced induction =)

i'd like a girl with an old car. old car = charachter, old car = independance, old car = knowledge, old car = personality, old car = adapting to certian circumstances. if if i were to write a movie, i'd do one about me and my friends. no real plot, just great charachters. charachters that you could picture yourself being, or hanging out with, and having a great grand old slap your knee, fun time. i'd be me. and i'd make me meet a girl. and she'd drive an old car.


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