Wednesday, December 10, 2003

age old question: is mankind good or evil?

i read the lord of the flies. and i watched the movie (wait ameer read a book? this has to be a fib! no, i admit this is the only book i did read in highschool, i read the entire book, and i set the curve on the test for the book. it was in mr. battilega's class. i think i got a 98%)

i hated that book. i hated reading it, the message, piggy, the conch, the scar, all of it.

if you don't know the story, here's a recap: this airplane crashes on an island. it's full of schoolboys. the pilot didn't really make it so there's no adult supervision. at first they have order and whatnot, but eventually they lead to savage destructive selfish ways. they kill and they steal and go against the rules of society that they learned back in private school.

so it's all about how man is evil. this discussion has been beaten like a dead horse (i just got this analogy: since you beat a horse to make it run faster when riding it, and if you're beating a dead horse it's not going to run cause it's dead... ie wasting your energy... i know someone out there is like "oh THAT'S what they meant!!" cause i sure didn't give that a time of day, i totally thought of some dude with a bat just hitting a horse while it's dead on the ground... i dunno)

so yea, i oppose this notion that man is good nor evil. good and evil are just poor that's the problem. like the man said, everything is relative. so you have to relate good to who? is it good for 1st person, family, government, mankind, animals, environment. i use the word good 487,925 times a day (i like good don't get me wrong) but it's never in the same context, well unless i repeat myself.

then evil. the only time i use the word evil is when i quote austin powers or something. cause evil gives you the feeling of just doing something for it's pure wrongness and to offend/hurt/destroy as much as possible.

i feel that to sum it up. man is selfish. yup. that's it, eaisly said and done. the endless argument whether man is good or evil has been settled with neither. he's selfish. being selfish is both good and evil. good for you, evil to others. but it's survival. if animals weren't selfish they'd starve. if people weren't selfish then ferrari would go out of business. if i wasn't selfish then i wouldn't make beautiful women buy me expencive bottles of scotch at my every desire. man i wish i wrote a book about some kids that got stranded on an island and were selfish (instead of evil) i'd make millions and my dreams would come true.


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