Friday, January 4, 2002

well tonite's a school nite...

haha school nites, i remember being all excited, and all the new clothes that i'd be able to wear, new shoes, new socks, new shirts, jackets, sweatshirts....

somehow it's not those clothes that become my favorite... those always end up torn, stained, lost, or just not so cool anymore and the clothes that i have just had in the closet forever seem to be the ones that last forever, are so dependable to always be in good condition, and feel the most comfy.

is this something weird? or a life lesson that can't be taught, only learned thru personal experience. who knows

i usually write in this thing daily... i guess when i went on vacation, i just didn't have the motivation to think, nor type. plus i've been messing with *ASC quite a bit, in fact i'm 82% formatting my D drive installing an os on my c drive which i just formatted... yea ASC's been down for a while, but i've gotten a new motherboard for her and a new processor! yup for those computer geeks out there, ASC's got an AMD athlon 1700+ and i got a soyo dragon plus motherboard... geez that just sounds cool!

so yea... i'll be inspired to do more and write more when i have more going on.

*ASC = Ameer's Super Computer


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