Thursday, January 17, 2002

ah hahah ha ha!
damn the man, i found a loop hole!!!

yup, i was sitting on the couch watching TV which is something i rarely do and just then my roommate walks in and questions why i'm watching a jenny jones show... even i didn't know, but since we have no remote i got up and started channel surfing... till i came to the offspring's new video!!!

hold on here, we don't have and never did have cable, and this IS a cable station you know MTV!

me and my roommate watched all tensed up to see if this really was MTV or if it was just some weird occurrence that the offspring was on some public broadcast thingy....

daria came on rite after that! me and my roommate jumped for joy!! yeeaaa we have MTV!!!!

*mental note= i hate the mainstream. i despise kiis fm, and mtv... the other day my friend said hey do you know blah blah blah, i was like who? he's like oh yea you don't watch MTV, she's this hot new singer i have a crush on.. i was like damn man another slap in the face that i'm just not on the same wavelength as everyone else...

hopefully i'm on a higher wavelength, like everyone's visible light, which is in the middle, then there's like ultraviolet and i think macrowaves that have a longer period than the visible spectrum... BUT there's those gamma rays, which are the ones that cause cancer after nuclear explosions, yea man, i'm on the gamma ray wavelength... causing cancer to society (god this is getting lame)

rite, well i may not be the most impressive writer, but this is for me to look back on, not for you to be entertained (assumption = that there is a you) entertainment costs money, i'd have to get better at writing in order to charge... and neither of those things are happening anytime soon.

->back to fry's to return faulty motherboard number 3 wish me luck, or pray, do a rain dance!


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