Sunday, January 13, 2002

being home is a good thing, specially when it's for the weekend,

going fishing was awesome.. except that damn fish that got away.... everyone on the boat saw it and hong was on that boat, so i feel a bit better...

but damn man. if i would have just been able to get that shit on the boat i would have been sooo happy, the guy on the boat said that it was a whiteseabass and had to be over 28inches long, and he though that it was like 24-25, but that would have been the biggest fish caught on the boat that day!! (that woulda earned me 75 bucks, cause of the pool for the biggest fish)


i've missed my little online community, i haven't read my daily updated friends' blog pages and commented on them and updated my own...

actually i've tried to update and everytime i click on a link or push back and it erases this window where i write my daily "why the world sucks and i'm perfect" complaint...

BUT good news as far as my future is concerned... it appears that finding a job in SF won't be as hard as i thought, i mean the pay won't be that good and neither will the rent! but SF would be the mad place to be.

i figure that in SF i'll be able to walk the streets, go to bars, clubs, hear good music, and be entertained for a lot less money than if i were to live in LA or SD. if i lived in SD or LA i'd have to buy lots of toys and stuff and a FAT car to keep myself entertained, *prolly get a new dual processor G4" whereas in SF i'd just be.

so you can see... my options are be a kid for a bit longer, or hit an early mid life crisis...

(you can see that i've not factored any girls into the equation, why is that one may ask, cause i just asked myself that question)

as i think further about the question i also see that for my entire life, if i ever got what i really wanted, it's because i worked my ass off to get it. and i'm for some reason expecting the "right" girl to just fall into my arms... NO i need to work really hard at it, just like everything else. SO, i'm telling you all and well myself, that i'm not ready for the "right" girl, or any girl for that matter... NOW, for some very strange apparent reason that some girl thinks that i'm the "right" guy and starts working hard for my time/attention, then maybe i'll re-evaluate the situation... but girls don't do that kinda stuff except in movies. so i'll have to get my motivation some time and then get to the hard work... but for now i got too many things that i wanna work hard and and learn


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