Tuesday, January 22, 2002


i am a heavy routine person. i have always known this. kinda like everybody before sir issac newton knew about gravity. it's just that i've discovered recently that i am. (refer to the sir issac newton analogy if you want my bottom line)

after watching the movie PI (pronounced pie, it's like the symbol that represents 3.14159265358 if you want more info hit up ) i realized that the world IS defined by equations,and functions.

so i started a self analysis on my personal functions and equations. i've realized other peoples functions and equations as well... this all sounds geeky but it's just another way of saying "how i am" or "what i do"

that what functions are about anyhow, rite?

so yea, one of my best, or favorite functions i like to think of as the rockafeller function.

see rockafeller was a rich ass dude back in the early railroad times. he got that way by first owning steel mills, cause steel is what they made railroads with. but then he though that if he also owned the coal mines, then he'd not be dependant on someone else to get his job done, and he'd not have to deal with their increased prices... so i'm not sure how many different processes there were in order to make railroads, but i think he had lumber, steel, coal... all that stuff he owned so he had the most flexibility.

now i'm like that with knowledge.

i knew how a car engine worked, before i ever drove one. i had to go thru many trials and tribulations before i could actually understand the components of a computer and how they work together. that's one of my patterns, i gotta know the whole story before i decide to get involved.

funny thing to me though, is that that's not the norm. i still can't understand why...

now my poor function, or personality, or pattern, or whatever is that i get into a routine. i stick in a routine for a while, doing the same thing, getting the same thing done, spending hella money on the same thing... and then i decided that i have gotten into a routine and i get myself out of it into another one. and it starts again. i think that's very normal, and very common...

that's why it's poor! cause we've been taught that if you're like everybody, you get a C, and those are unacceptable, A's are what's acceptable, it's only acceptable to be above 90% of the people. somehow that seems pretty unlikely for everyone to attain. for most people.

enuf raggin on the school system and how i'm a victim/product of it....

so yea, now that i'm aware of my pattern... i'm going to try to change it, but then that change will just become part of it


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