Thursday, January 31, 2002

ok well that last post was wack, i just got my comment things up and i'm not sure how they work... so anyone who ever reads this at least leave a comment, since i don't have a counter or the knowledge to put one up, i'd love it if you'd give me some feedback... or anything, something.. as you can see i have no pride and am not too proud to beg.


anyhow, i went to that vibe afterparty, i was dancing with like 5 girls at once. tell your friends i was the man for a good 2 mins. if only the kids who laughed at me in high school could seen me now!

or maybe i was hallucinating.

either way. im tired, it's 3:00am. i missed a quiz today. cause i was out too late last nite studying!!!! what a piece,

lastly, check out my web site that's my new baby!


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