Tuesday, January 15, 2002

back again...

i swear my freakin life's story is to battle putting @*%$*#$ windows on my computer. i've tried more ways and more parts than humanly possible, so to answer your question, no i'm not a human... that's how i did it more than humanly possible... and it still doesn't work!!!

i need to learn linux...

anyhow. school's a blast

i'm not happy... i'm not sure that the cure for that is a working computer but i'd sure like to try... i mean really
oh well... no deep thoughts this entry, i've not been thinking deep lately... but i have been breathing deep... it really makes you feel good...

like i'll be walking to class, and take a huge deep breath, as big as possible, slowly. and hold it in for as long as i can.... i guess it's training for spearfishing, but it also makes me more relaxed and healthier feeling... try it when you're bored and alone or else you'll get weird looks all around.

anyhow, my BRAND SPANKIN new* computer just froze during windows setup, so i'm going to go jump off a bridge, again.

*if you're wondering how i'm doing this i have an old laptop that i use to check emails and bs that's set up next to my slowly dying desktop-> i don't care if it's pathetic!


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