Sunday, January 6, 2002

here's ameer's complain area...
cause this is where i complain to everyone online and they read it. it's like that movie jay and silent bob, they make fun of the internet saying it's every nerd's voice or something like that... if you've seen it you know what i mean.

but yea, so i'm a nerd, kevin smith mocked me. whatever, i'll still watch his movies and laugh.

*brighter note: school starts tomorrow, it officially started friday, but i went to class and the TA said that my teacher was in mexico, and that there's no class. that was my C++ class, where i am by far the oldest person in that class, well besides the TA's and the professor... it's a freshman class and well i'm a god damn 5th year! that puts expectations on my shoulders already...

so anyhow, i'm going to go now and hopefully get some stuff done, this entry is my jump start into doing blogs again, i didn't wanna dive in too quick since i've been away for so long


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