Thursday, January 24, 2002


i'm overwhelmed.

i went to school for a good hour today, then about a half hour of errands in the span of an hour. and came home to take a 3 1/2 hour nap. and i have this overwhelming feeling... why is that?

yesterday when i was non-stop from 9-5pm, with a radio show from 8-10pm i was fine, did well.. felt like i was ahead of the game...

maybe it's cause i didn't do anything today, and i should have done something, now it's thursday nite and i wanna go out yet i have homework due and haven't done anything to call this day,

wait, not nothing...

my computer resets itself when it decides that i'm doing too much at one time... so today when i got home from school i tested it's limits and of course crashed it twice in the span of 15mins... to learn more about it's problems and whatnot...

well turns out that now it won't even boot up... yea turning things on seems to be an overall problem for me these days, i'm just getting used to the way that my life's been for oh i don't know, ever.

it's depressing. but no matter how bad you got it, someone's got it worse... and almost everyone's got it better.

so i'm complaining in my online journal... how generic

i just noticed that there are two types of online journals. the14year old highschool girls journal:

"today i..." and it just gets worse from there...

then there's the overly dramatic complainer, which are the more interesting ones

"life is an oblivian of memories counteracted by the question of..."

but neither is me...

i need something to inspire me, a muse, or a bit of confidence... hmmm...

oh well.. until then i'll be posting generic posts, when i actually have something cool and interesting to say, that's when i'll say it.. but for now i guess i'll be blogging like everyone else bloggs.. guess that's what it's for anyhow rite?


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