Monday, December 31, 2001

the last day of the year
let's reflect, this year i got older. so did everything else. i became less sensitive to almost everything since i'd been dealing with everything for one more year.

birthdays are more like the new years for me, cause that's MY new year. it's different, today is like everybody's birthday, tomorrow i guess.
i'm driving to LA soon to go and have fun with some friends and whatnot, i'm going alone though, and coming back alone too probably... but i really feel bad for that dude at 7-11 who's gotta work right thru new years.

sucks sometimes doesn't it...

new years resolutions? me? totally, to worry less. grey hairs are the one thing that i would like to prolong... chicks don't dig guys with grey unless they've also got lots of green! i got neither.

impressing chicks is pretty low on my prioritiy list.... i'd really like to impress myself, that'd be a treat. i often make fun of people for holding "impressing chicks" as their highest priority. that's the majority's mentality. i personally mock that lifestyle simply because it's so primitive, and if i could, i'd make myself not-so-primitive. not saying i'm better than anyone, but my intentions are... i'll stick by that.

example: one friend of mine asks another friend of mine, what are your passions in life?
she didn't know...

you ask me that same question, and i would definitely be able to pull 2-3 things that i'm TRULY passionate about.
-music, computers, cars, fish, technology... there's more that i enjoy, but those are the first things that come to mind.

most people are not that way. they do those things to keep themselves occupied...
i do them or enjoy them cause i yearn to know more and experience more about these things... whereas i see the masses focused on one thing, chicks.. or better yet sex. that's the focus, that's apparently the ultimate goal for everyone. sex sells right?

well for you, not me. not saying i don' t like chicks, i just like other things too.


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