Wednesday, December 12, 2001

gosh i've been ignoring my blog... but for some reason i'd like to think that that means that i have a life, away from my computer... if there is such a destiny for me. i mean i just can't get the damn thing right, so i keep putting work into it so that i'll be able to conquer that piece one day...

not that i don't enjoy doing stuff, for example tonite, go to pacific beach, to a club called plan b
thursday see soulstice in la
friday see zero 7 in la
sat mom's bday
sunday back to irvine
monday-wed snowboarding
thursday-i'm reserving this day as of now to just relax, enjoy my break... pretend that i'm in the middle of summer vacation.. that point where you've gotten far enough away from classes that you can't remember them, and where classes are far enough away that you don't have to think of them...

kinda like the riddle: how far can a dog wander into the woods? A: halfway, cause when he wanders further, he's close to the other side.

those two have nothing in common. but i like that.


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