Wednesday, December 12, 2001

i just got out of the shower with my backpack

and i do most of my thinking in the shower... here's where my thoughts took me today:

my dream girl goes something like this, pretty on the outside, yet rugged on the inside. she can watch football, shotgun a beer, drive a stick shift car, and eat a 20oz steak for dinner.

my ideals are not abnormal, most men like women who are overall feminine yet also carry masculine traits.


let's use some deductive reasoning, since i've been forced to use it for the past 17 years of schooling. girls should like guys who like girly things! (is this what they call getting in touch with your feminine side?)

well lets say for example stationery... honestly i dig cute stationery. plain and simple. i like stickers, pencils, pens, paper, envelopes, writing letters, getting letters, pencil boxes... i mean lots of people say that my hand writing looks "like a girls" which i think is shullbit, my handwriting is neat, you can see the letters. most guys i know have illegible handwriting. so i can see why people say that... but i mean, the main point here is that girls DON'T dig guys who are girly...

i mean, girls think that gay men are so hot, but does that work the other way around?

girls can be girly and manly and still be attractive. men on the other hand need to follow a much stricter path in order to attain a desirable state. maybe i'm being one sided and that actually means girls have it worse. they have to be 2 things not one?

either way, my backpack's real clean now, and so am i.


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