Wednesday, December 26, 2001

AND i'm home...
it's good being here... i mean not really very crazy and exciting. but that requires work.... and i'm not a worker. i'm watching the disney channel and surfing my favorite web sites

so yea i'm here, the only child. my brother's in italy, and my sister's out with friends. i haven't even changed out of my pj's all day... i have a perpetual stuffy nose which runs like a marathon runner.

i miss school.. i'm going back on friday... but i miss the social atmosphere.. i miss the cute girls walking to class, and the hand shaking of various friends. i never thought i'd say "i miss school". perhaps i should rephrase to "i miss college".

i'm alone here!
i'm enjoying the tranquility of relaxing and not doing much. gotta enjoy it while it's here...

i'm also getting really good at tossing trash into the trash can from the computer desk!


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