Friday, November 30, 2001

it's friday, feels like a tuesday... my friends from highschool went to vegas today... they've all graduated and are working/freelancing so they can afford to go to vegas the week before finals!!

i'm so happy for them... they're not happy for me

i was walking on campus yesterday, and i realized that walking is nice... i walked slow, and enjoyed walking... you should try it.

i'm not that old... 22 isn't that old you know... i've been hung up on how old i am for quite some time. but i'm not. i'm young... if i was a dog, i'd only be like 2 1/2 years old (in people years) and my dog's 12!!!! (also in people years) -where the hell am i going with this? (one may ask) it's not that i'm old, i'm a kid. it's just that for the timing and placement i'm at, i'm old.

i have been here for 4 years. i'm on my 5th. not too many people do that. thus i'm one of the older people here, but in respect to the world, or the country, hell even the working class... i'm a baby. -and i like it that way, i'm not expected to know anything

btw these finals we're going into are the 13th set of finals i've taken at uci... what's worse is that i have 3 more to go, that's 16 finals weeks, what a big number! my friends i had lunch with today are about to experience their 1st!

your interesting facts for today: this blog is THE most boring blog, sorry for having to read it today, tomorrow will be more interesting.


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