Monday, November 19, 2001

so i'm home here at 2:10pm...

i'm listening to one of my favorite songs, even though i can't name it for you, maybe that's why... it's similar to that one girl, the one you rarely see, and when you do, you don't know anyone who knows her, her name, nothing about her you know except what you see... in this case what you hear. so you use your imagination to fill in the holes and she is then perfect... till you find out she was with that jerk in your class, or her brother is that guy you gave the finger to yesterday, or something like that happens and well she's not too perfect or you've just goofed it up... where am i going with this, yea this one's pretty off the wall, i don't know if anyone could really track me on this one, but what i'm trying to say is that i dont' know if i want to find out who does this song cause what if it's someone wack, like alice deejay or something?

my fav song's stock would drop immediately.. and i'm not having that!

OR, it could be some artist i've never heard of and would love all of their other work, and i mean considering that miguel migs spun this it's prolly the latter, but i'm very cynical so i elaborate on the previous more.

(for those of you who are interested [and very bored] the song can be heard on under dj's then go to miguel migs, then towards the top click audio, then hit friday nite cooking, it's a quicktime stream... but my song is exactly at 38 mins) i tried to link it here, but that's my first link,we'll see what happens...

Miguel Migs My roomate Luis went to this... I'm quite jealous. <-and he wrote that!

the set is a hella good one, maybe it's so good cause my damn roomate went to it and i didn't cause i had a spop pre-party or something like that....


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