Saturday, November 17, 2001

here i am, it's like 5:something, and i'm at home with the light on on my computer, not learning how to make a damn web page.... what am i doing!!! i should be learning damn dreamweaver but i'm not, i'm lazy i'm good for nothing!

ok actually today was pretty dope, and i'm gonna have to say why.. so i'm working at the sci lib and it's really lame, nobody's there, except there's me, the two dudes at the info desk, and the two LSMs (library security monitors) so we're all behind the info desk watching fightclub on dvd on the computer there, and my friend sheila comes in and says hi to me, then angel walks out and gives me a nice hug, and then i see ngoc's roomate debbie walk in and this all happened within the same half hour.. i though of it as nothing, but the guys behind the counter with me were all like DAMN, yer the pimp, and then started bowing to me "you know all these hot girls..."

i let them think that i had each of those girls around my pinky finger, but truth is that all those girls: i not only don't know all that well, but there's no way that they have interest in me... so i'm pretty much NOT the pimp... but the respect from those guys WAS pretty tite, it was a confidence booster that i guess in these rather low times just can't hurt, right?

anyhow, if you have read this far and are continuing, you may want to check out a milestone in my nerd-style life... i HAVE been linked! yup, many many thanks to the wonderful kim nguyen, she's not only my friend who has a pretty entertaining web site, but she also has linked me from her website! whoo hoo, my first link EVER! now if the guys don't think that i'm the pimp for that, i don't know what else gets the chicks?

so yea, those are my two interesting moments of the past few days, oh and elisa called me today, that also made me feel good. but not great, great would be if i got sound to work on my computer again, i switched the damn soundcard from one pci slot to another during my case changing event and it needs to be reinstalled, but for some reason the driver i have that the card came with just won't do the trick...

what's cool is that i just wrote that paragraph (run-on sentence) and know what it means, nerds are cool no matter what ANYBODY says


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