Wednesday, November 7, 2001

it worked!!! i'm not an idiot! i can work an online diary! what do ya kno?

so anyhow, i was reading my friend's web site, actually she's kinda my friend, i don't really know her but she was one of my spoppers so that's kinda knowing her... but yea i read her blog and she was wondering why people are nice? nice at all? why am I nice?

welli figure that i'm nice cause i like to make people feel good when i feel good, and also to let people know that they make me happy when they're around me.

that's my response.

sorry if any of this has typo's i'm not paying much attention cause i'm watching "record of lotoss war" i downloaded it, and i'm watching it on my OTHER monitor, cause ii got 2 of em! muhahahah

i'll post a pick someday of myself and my nerd station. more later


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