Friday, November 16, 2001

so today i spent $133.00 at fry's electronics...

what was i thinking?

welp, i got nobody to spend my money on but me... and i need a new power supply since mine died last night... so i put a bit more money and got whole new computer case with that power supply! why not eh?

cool thing tho was that at the checkout there was a girl. she wasn't the cutest girl, but she had a nice smile. she said the case was $119 and i said there was a tag that said it was $89 so she went to the opposite corner of the store to ask the dude, then she came back and said sorry.. i was like you sure you saw the red tag? she's like lemme go check again, it took some time both times, cause fry's was pretty big, but she always came back with a smile.. she came back the second time and she's like sorry i'm kinda new and i couldn't find it, what do you wanna do?
i was like i'll show you if you want to go and check it out with me.. she was ok with it, so we went and we had some small talk on the way there...

the point here is that she was flirting with me, after my purchase she asked me to fill a small evaluation out and i did. i said some nice things about her and she asked me how old i was, i knew she was young, but wasn't sure, cause she wore lots of makeup, she guessed me 19!! which made me stoked, specailly since i hadn't shaved and had a scruffy face. so yea, it was dope then i told her i was 22 and i asked why are you 19, she's like no i'm 18.. (note that's the age of my spoppers)

anyhow, i walked outta fry's happy for two reasons instead of one this eve... the first one is the 10 bay antec black computer case with door, key, and lock.. the second is someone flirting with me... hey it boosted my self esteem for the drive home!


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