Wednesday, November 28, 2001

attention: i have lost something very important. everyone refers to it as motivation. the real down side to this loss is that i'm the only one that can find it.

that's a piece... go to for extensive information.

well on the pick-me-up side of things... i had lunch with Kim today! that was fun.. by far the best part of my day... we talked, but it seemed like i talked... lately i noticed that that's what i do when i'm not in my comfort zone.

i'm not a good listener. when i'm around someone that i don't know very well, i talk... i'm afraid of that deepak* moment, you know that moment that's awkward silence right after a funny story, or just a story.

so i try to aviod that by talking, and talking.... i first noticed it with eric when we went to the museum... i just talk too much, after i noticed that then, i noticed it everywhere!!! with everyone!!!

so today i noticed that i was doing it with kim during lunch, and i felt bad, she's a cool chick that i really think is interesting, and what she has to say is much more interesting than 90% of the BS conversations that i have daily while walking to class and what-not... but couldn't do anything about it. gosh i'm an asshole, how long has this been going on with me unconscious of it? how many people have i pissed off cause i don't listen to what they say and then cut them off while they're talking, and then keep on talking, and talking...

communication is the foundation of a relationship... i'm trying to play basketball without knowing how to dribble

*deepak: founder and president (also a member) of the "awkward silence club"


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