Sunday, November 18, 2001

this is my first blogg from work.

up i'm here in the science library copy center, this is the second largest science library in the united states, first being? well who the hell knows that kind of stuff?

that was rhetorical. anyhow, so i went to see the meteor shower last night with sirimal, darren, darren's wife, and kid, sherrie, luis, erik, lindsay, briz, am i forgetting anyone? don't think so... anyhow, it was fun... erik had a 10" diameter telescope that we could see jupiter, saturn, i didn't check out "your-anus" yea that joke wasn't said at all last nite. but yea it was some good wholesome fun. we had a pre-thanksgiving meal too, turkey, ham, stuffing, all the in's and out's of a real thanksgiving was there...

i got to say, that this thanksgiving is going to be a pretty good one. i've got ngoc's place having a thanksgiving party on tuesday, duy's place having a thanksgiving potluck on wed, then i got thanksgiving at aunt anita's... that's a total of 4 thanksgiving celebrations! honestly i'm really glad about that. i'm loved!

ok well i'm gonna start working now, or go back to work...


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