Wednesday, November 28, 2001

so i'm sittin here.. where i always sit when i type in here..

but yea, today i had lunch with angel, that was lots of fun i miss hanging out with her, she's sweet.

then i had a korean test.. that wasn't too bad, i love my teacher, she's one of my favorite teachers at uci, she's my korean mom i swear.
some of the kids don't like her, and when they're rude to her i take offense, but it's cause she's so patient with me and so kind. she really believes in me too and is always acting impressed. makes me feel good... not many teachers do. at least it feels that way at times.

i'm listening to takako minekawa.. her songs are so random and varous. i really wish i had more exposure to different artists... everyone is so category crazy! and on top of that, we're choked with the mainstream.

i've also been listening to Takako Minekawa , thanks jo for introducing us.


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