Thursday, January 30, 2003


i've always wanted to be that cool old guy. i think everyone wants to be, well every man does. that guy who can drink scotch like water, smoke cigars like nothing, and most importantly, never seem to be surprised at anything that anyone says because you've heard it all and have input on it as well.

so i'm working on that right now, watching the lord of the rings on bootlegged vcd, while sipping some johnny walker blacklabel on the rocks with a bit of water in it. i never thought that one could put so much time into a resume and coverletter, but then it's like everything these days. anything that is worth spending time on, someone out there is spending more time on it than you are. so perfection is the only aceptable condition. so there's to be nothing left unlooked.

sometimes you need to sit at home, on a saturday night, or a friday night, or even a wednesday night that feels like a friday since your friends are at the club and you are at home with nothing to do. it let's you reflect, and it lets you get to know yourself.

i guess if i want to be a wise old man i'll have to do that once in a while. let's say tonight. yes tonight. there's no time like the present to do what you'd like to do. or what you need to do for that matter.

when the days blend into eachother as they have for me, there's one thing to do and that's to take a hold of the time you have and do what you need to do.


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