Thursday, January 9, 2003


i've gotta say, usually things that i think about are pretty non-life changing... they're more along the lines of conversation topics or something that i just don't understand, or even something that people overlook when i believe they shouldn't.

i've lost it. my brain is constantly thinking of what's ahead, and how will i pay for these stubborn bills that keep increasing. where i'll be in a month, or who i'll be with. i know that i've got my computers, my friends for now, but lord knows that they're more likely to turn on me than the snotiest of snotty spoiled highschool mentality driven women.

i admit, having a planned out future is really a boring way of life, but no visibility is also not the way i'm ready to live.

i guess not having something definite in my life is a real different way of thinking.. and even though with my efforts things will change it's difficult to transition. i have people here to help me do so but it takes some time. graduating from school and getting a job are two different animals. i've tamed one, and now it's on to the other...


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