Tuesday, January 21, 2003

what to do?

i honestly don't know what to do so i'm going to make a few breakfast burritos for my friends who slept over today.

but there's something that intresting. i'm not sure how to put it. but when a friend has something on their face, and you tell them that they've got something on their face, it embarasses both you and them. why would you be embarassed to tell your friend that they've got something on their face? they're your friend!

because you're afraid that they'll get embarassed around you and then feel uncomfortable around you all the time. so what do you do? you instead just make them feel good about themselves. you make them happy cause when your friends are happy you are happy.

but when they realize that they've got something on their face, and you didn't tell them... even though it was there all along and you saw it and they didn't, they'll resent you. there's not a valid excuse to say to a friend who has looked like a moron when all the while all you had to do was say something about it.

someone told me that if you don't say anything then you're just a play friend. and you don't really care you just like to play. but if you do say something then you're a real friend. and real friends are important.

sometimes it's more than just something on their face.


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