Sunday, January 26, 2003


with no job... one thing i've realized is money

i've worked since i was 16 up till now. and man, i'm 23! having no job for about a month has been really difficult i've found. and money.. that's something that i have been thinking about

there's two different entities to money. the first entity of money is "money you need", the second is "money that you want".

need vs. want

cavemen dealt with this issue, and it's plagued the earth and universe ever since then and will continue to do so like how hair and nails on a dead carcas presist to grow dispite the conditions...

so how to deal with the issue at hand?

i dunno, i'm starting to need the "money that you need" now instead of the money that you want. that sucks!

although we all fantasize about the "money that you want" instead. that's the money that buys nice clothes, expencive dinners, nice cars, big TVs, presents, and treats for everyone. the "money that you need" pays creditcard bills, student loans, car payments, and insurance. it's scary when you're saving up for that instead of saving up for a new _____ that you don't need or already own one of.

it's sad... the no job thing is hitting and that means less play and more work for jack, which makes him a dull boy but he's a dull boy who can pay bills and that's what counts now doesn't it?

the root of all evil, money... need vs. want...

what happened to rants and raves about girls and their charmy charachteristics? is this the real world? i'm not sure i know what i've gotten myself into!

so i've been djing a bit.. not like i'm good, but i sure am photogenic! check:


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