Friday, January 10, 2003

girl's boyfriends

what is it with girls and the guys they date?

i mean i've been friends with some really cool ass chicks, and i'd figure that i'm cool, they're cool (the girl), yet again, i go in and meet their boyfriend, whom they talk about to me (all the time) and make to appear the guy to be a pretty cool person. and then we get a chance to hang out, and holy moly, NERD CITY! the guy is a drag. sure he may be good in bed, or very attentive to her needs, or just a funny guy (in her eyes) but then it's torture to hang out with that fool... he's a social degenerate. how does everyone see this and everyone dislike his presence except for this girl who you think is cool as heck?

is it cause she's actually not that cool and I'M the one who sees her different than anyone else?

is it cause i'm the social degenerate?

or is it because the girl sees the guy in a different light than everyone else?

it all boils down to who sees who in what light.

which gives me the option to see everyone in my own damn light because that's the light that counts, which makes me realize that cool ass chicks DO have dorky ass boyfriends!!!


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