Sunday, January 12, 2003


so jowilla got back from spain late dec, and last night was the first time we were able to go out to an old familiar house club... boardners off cherokee, close to hollywood blvd. pretty good times...

got in there at 12, so 2 hrs to drink and then abide by california's worst law ever (no booze after 2am)

so we all get their world famous strongest long island ice teas this side of the mississippi...

everyone finished with their drink, and we all decided it's time for another! but one of the four of us have to drive. so who shall it be?

jowilla had just one long island and it was rather blatant that she had slurred her words and slowly fell off the vinyl ottoman she was sitting on while insisting that she'd be ok to drive, that it'd be either me or luis that'd be driving... so we paper-rock-scissors'd two of three and course i'm the idiot who ended up being DD.

so what? i had my $9 long island and i'm having fun... right up to the part where i follow everyone to the bar and gaze at the ice cold colored drinks prepared and passed around the group... but to no surprise (more of an extremely vivid realization) i had nothing to do with that. i was totally left out. and it's then that the night took a turn.

now i don't need alcohaul to have fun, i've had fun sober on millions of occasions. BUT i've never really had fun being the ONLY sober person among a group of drunk friends, while they're off doing idiotic things whether it be to talk to every sleazy guy in their path especially the ones who are so desprate to get their ding-a-ling touched by a member of the woman race that they practially write the words (will do anything for sex) on their forehead, or just stumble into random walls, buildings, strangers, etc.

thing is, they're having fun. and i'm not... i'd be having a better time if they were also not having fun and we'd be doing that misery loves company thing. OR if we were all drunk and just acting afool together that'd satisfy me too.

either way, it wasn't that way. and i was the driver.

to wrap up the night, things got better due to some good ass potatoes, and a tasty spinach, mushroom, and ham omlete accompanied by a chrome "house music" tamborine from paris.

"Tap along toyour favorite Tempo with this addition to the house music range"

"It's been a long night, the atmosphere's chilled, everybody's lounging, dozing, drifting... when studdenly all ear's prick up to the sound of a familiar melody... it's that favorite track, that one last tune and before you know it... the house music's pumping, the house is thumping and everybody's jamming with house music!"

-house music tamborine box.


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