Friday, January 3, 2003

new year

the new year provides time for everyone to take a break from work and the crazyness that life demands... well everyone except cab drivers, and card dealers, front desk attendants, bar tenders, waiters, the artist formerly known as prince impersonaters, and many other different random jobs that define the city that never sleeps, unsleeping.

going to vegas made me feel for these fellas and ladies. it's new year's eve and they're taking my order, it's the first of the year and they're dealing me a losing hand. it's 4:30 am on the first of january where most people in the country are sleeping due to massive partying and excessive fun and they're bringing me my 3 egg spanish omlete.

regardless i had a good time. hope everyone i know did. i started this year off with the reinstatement that jack daniels is the devil. sometimes that's a good thing.

so i've been thinking of my new year's resolutions, and i'm sure i've got some... but i'm not going to rush into this just yet.

it's eating time and i'm not about to be late.


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