Saturday, February 1, 2003


i'm almost positive that the world has no real proof that i really exist.

there's this web site of course,

but if i died, it'd be the foul stank of my rotting flesh that attracted people to my decaying carcass.

maybe Richard Van Pham is having the same issue that's why he continually tries to get lost at sea...

but he was lost for almost 3 months and nobody even reported him missing, once they found him they realized he was gone.

now i'm not sure it's that extreme with me, but it's getting there. i sit in this room, just sitting and interneting and what do i have to show for it? a spreadsheet full of jobs i am qualified for and apparently don't want me.

it's a sad day in sucky san diego. i don't like it here. san diego is like a hole that i fell into and getting out requires that someone throw a rope to me...

at least this web site lifted my spirits, i mean you need some humor once in a while you know.

even if it's dark and negative.


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