Saturday, February 8, 2003

dose tings

sometimes, you hit a low point in your life. everyone does, at different times too, they go through that break up, or that big dissapointment, or even just a string of really shitty days.

and at that time you realize things about yourself, mostly things that you need to improve, or change, or refine. in order to become someone greater that who you already are.

so in "the long run" it's good for you to go through these low points, the scraping the bottom of the barrel time helps you understand the barrel that you've got.

i just had a small little hole i was in. you know you're in that hole when you're around those few people who you just can never ever be unhappy with, and you feel blah.

yea i was there, you gotta get up,

you are the only one.

my dad tells me, you gotta look out for no. 1, you, cause nobody else will, like you will.

friends, family they are always there for you but sometimes you have to push them aside for a sec. and see if what you're doing is what you should be doing.

there's just some things, they happen because. i hate that phrase "things happen for a reason" shit of course they do! sir issac newton discovered that and turned it into a law. but people put a skew on it, they think that bad things happen now, so that good things will come of it, which is bakwards!

bad things come as a result of what you do now!

every action creates an equal and opposite reaction. it's hard for people to think like that, they can't use their brains with those ideas and understand completely what goes on. nobody can. heck i can't.

things are good, you can't imagine them going bad, things are bad you can't imagine them good. so hope is all you've got, and hope is just a blindfold over your eyes and a voice saying it'll be ok.. it'll be fine.

gotta try to take off the blindfold and see what's really going on, screw hope and start applying the laws of physics to your daily life!

i'll never become an inspirational speaker, ever.


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