Saturday, February 22, 2003

san diego

i usually post something here that upsets me, bewilders me, or is something i find so intresting that it stays in my head till i get back to the keyboard from wherever/whoever i'm out with.

but this is my journal, my web journal. meaning that this web site, is dedicated soley to me, for everyone on the internet across the world to see.

sure i look at my site meter says i get hits a day average... those 18 people com here to find out one thing, what's up with me and what's on my mind.

well something happened to me yesterday. i got a call.

i've been offered a job, and it's in LA.

i can't wait to get out of SD and i'm making progress towards that. so while i type in this window, laying on the floor of hong's house listening to records i'm just gitty inside, awaiting the unknown of moving somewhere new.

SD has been a hole for me.

the fact that i have very little money and way too much time doesn't make for much fun.

read hong's blog, then you'll understand who i see when i wake up, go to bed, hang out with in the day, hang out with in the night... his title is nudream, but it seems he's stuck on an old dream, i love him as a brother, but he's pulling me down and i need all the pushing up i can get. some time away would do me some good. some independance would make me grow at the rate which i'll feel satisfied with.

i'm stoked, i've overcome the unemployed rut that this year started off with. i started jan 03 2003 and got myself a job offer on feb 21 2003 that's not as fast as i would have liked but after learning about all the damn politics that are going on these days, i guess that's a good thing.

i'm working at this one company, when i look it up on google, they're like a phantom company, they don't have voicemails or a web page. everyone knows each other and they're the best at what they do. well they hired me so i guess that i'm either damn good looking and they want me to be in a new web site launch as the company's web site spokesperson, or they figured that throught the 1 1/2 day interview that i'd work best with them and they with me. probably the latter, but hey, we'll see !

that's all that's new with me these days.

i got to get to posting some more pics, cause that's all i look for when i surf people's blogs... and i want mine as generic as possible =) in a good way i guess.


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