Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Dear Elisa

hi there elisa, it's been so long since i've last saw you. and randomly running into you at USC the other day really caught me off guard. not to say i didn't enjoy it, because i did. but i just hadn't thought of what it'd be like to bump into you around now. i'm actually very happy at how comfortable it was for me, i'm not sure if you were, but i was, and it seemed that you were also. i recall talking to you years ago and feeling frustrated, uneasy, and all of those mixed up emotions that high school kids feel even though i was in college. it's strange the turns and curves that life throws at us and how prepared we are even though we don't feel that we have had any preparation. i forgot how pretty you are, and how much fun it is to be around you. not to say that i've now changed my life's goal to persue and ultimately win you over, no. but it was somewhat of an ego boost, i once dated a girl as pretty as you. it's a compliment to both of us. ex girlfriends and broken hearts have surrounded me almost 24 hrs a day, from the guys i live with to the girl that i date. the theme of ex lovers has been played out in my life more than any two top 40 radio stations combined. and it was a comforting feeling to see you and not have these mixed up emotions that i see the people around me dealing with. i saw you, you looked good, you have direction, you are established, and i didn't see any grey hairs!

made me feel good to see you and i just want to tell you this way, probably because you will never read this and all my other friends will, and also because i don't want you to think the wrong thing. i know girls are always guessing the guy's underlying motive, and personally i don't have one. well not with you at least =)

but i do hope to bump into you again sometime, doesn't have to be soon, just has to be.


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