Thursday, February 20, 2003


i usually never recall what it is that i dream about. once in a while i'll have a dream that seems like a reoccuring dream and i'm not sure if it is or if it's just that in the dream it felt as though i dreamed of this place before. regardless those are one type of dream. the second type of dream is the daydream. when i sit in a boring lecture and my mind wonders about different topics, ideas, just a glaze come over my face and i find myself lost inside my own head. finally there's the dream: the dream to become.

"one day i want to be a quarterback"

something like that. the far fetched dream that is almost unreal yet at the same time seems like... eh, with some luck, it'll happen.

i say no.

no luck.

follow your dream and you'll get lost on the way. i'm not bitter about something and i'm not saying that dreaming is bad. but i am saying that you don't just up and follow your dream.

i guess the problem is that i don't know what my dream is. or the problem is that i have so many dreams, that even if all were to become possible, i wouldn't be able to physically experience each one due to time constraints, assuming that i live to be 90.

dreams are called dreams because they are simply that. they're something that is in your head and that's all. a desire to do something and a dream are different. people find what they like, and they take small steps towards that direction. this way they grow and realize what it is that they're really doing, and what it is that they really want or don't want.

well... there's not much more to say without some concrete details, and personally i don't have any off the top of my head.


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