Wednesday, September 25, 2002

is it worth it

i find that in my short life's travels, i've met quite a few intresting people. i can't tell how many because some i just never got a chance to fully get to know. although i do know that i did get along rather well with those people. and that's what makes me sorta sad. i get to meet all these people who make me feel happy that i'm here doing what i'm doing and when things are sort of settling in... it's off to a new place. i'm not sure why the world works like that. well my world does. i end up simply missing people. i hate missing people. i hate missing out. i hate the concept of missing, i wish that humans had short memories when it came to missing people cause it'd be out of sight out of mind, and i guess i'd be happier. it's just that when i leave san diego... the few people who i've sorta gotten to know again, will be doing what they do without me once more, and all i really can do is miss them. and after that, people in college, they'll be just more people to miss.

i guess i just go and forget who those people are that i miss so that i don't have to miss them again... it's not easy to have friends that you don't spend time with and granted if they are good friends then distance or time will not extinguish the friendship, but it sure isn't any fun.

a few of my friends have gone abroad lately. and i miss them already. i'm happy to go back to school for a quarter, but even that it's still going to be hard, leaving the place i've called home in the middle of the year.

i'm somehow not that sad, but i do get mildly annoyed at constantly missing people who single handedly brighten my day everytime. those are the kind of friends that you just can't help but miss.


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