Saturday, October 5, 2002

finally situated

moving is the biggest hassle.

parting with your junk makes you remember good/bad times.

living on the third floor can suck when you don't have an elevator.

classes don't get eaiser as you take them, they get slower. time actually stops during some classes.

life without a computer connected to the internet is almost just not worth it... until the second day

seems like the world of books is also backwards. the get more expencive as time goes on, yet somehow their resale decreases as time goes on. well i guess that sums up my past week of moving in

As i'm sitting in class... i'm thinking something (other than the class material) and it hits me. there are two types of mentalitys. the first mentality is to take everything that one has experienced, and everything that one knows, and choose from those previous memories, which times brings them the most happyness.

on the same level as favorite food. if you ask me what my favorite food is i'll tell you that it was something i've previously eaten. how could something like fried snails, be my favorte food? if i've never eaten them? the only way i could say that they were my favorite food is if i had tried them. now then. i've listened to people talk about intellectual people. how they're so smart that they won't be able to be happy. because they somehow know what fried snails tastes like without even eating them... they've deduced using equations and relations that fried snails will be the best meal ever, and now thye're on a trek to get some fried snails. this is the second mentality. those who see what could possibly be, instead of resorting to past experience, they look to the "perfect" solution.

similar to a teenager. why are teens such pains in the neck? simple, they have this second mentality, which ultimately leads to unhappyness. for example: sally is our teenager. she just spent $200 on new clothes. she sees that her friend martha just got a new car, and wonders geez, why don't my parents get me a new car too! then she looks on to her friend debbie, who's parents just paid for her new snowboard. and sally thinks to herself if she gets a new snowboard, i want a new snowboard... her parents got her one, why can't i have one? all the while, martha is wanting $200 in clothes and a snowboard, and debbie complains to daddy about getting a new car and $200 worth of clothes.

teenagers see what it is that others have, and automatically think to themselves that they should also have that same thing. regardless one can't satisfy a teenager, and so instead of trying to make the teenager happy, we just let them grow out of their stage, and realize how the world works.

these intellectual people now, the ones who see everything that they want and know what it is that will bring them happyness... yet what it is takes so long and so much work to get, that they'll basically find happyness and then die...

i pose a questions to the "intelectual" individual, is it worth it to put yourself thru the torment and unhappyness, to prove that you're simply an old teenager who thinks that fried snails is their favorite dish, without ever tasting them?


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