Monday, October 28, 2002


attention. intrest. questions. ideas.

i love to meet people who are intresting. such an over-used word, intresting. People watching is something i do quite a bit. while at school, the people i pass by and see, while at work, while sitting at starbucks with my laptop updating my blog, i people watch and i go throught the process set up at the top.

there are some people who just get my attention...

so i develop an intrest in them...

which leads to questions

and then i try to answer those questions, and formulate ideas.

take for example the two girls in the soft chairs they're kinda cute, nothing fancy... two words describe them that turn me off though, abercrombie and fitch.

then there's the couple sitting to my right, cute girl but doesn't even hit the intrest part of the 4 step process, her boy, doesn't even get past step one.

the bigger guy with the sudo dreadlocks reading the cupon section of today's newspaper sure draws my attention, he's got an intelectual look under his grunge which i don't feel most people see. see, he's made it to the end, i've already got ideas about him.

the old man who couldn't walk slower if he tried, while carrying 3 identical paper bags sits at a booth reading the newspaper literally 5 inches from his face. the old nike air parka and his absence of a female imply that he's poor, the fact that he's been sleeping/reading for about an hour here without purchasing a coffee imply the same. but shit, i know for a fact that if i was 70+ years old and alone i'd go into a starbucks on a sunday night dressed like shit and read the paper by myself because at that age there's nothing to prove to anyone anymore. guess i look up to him... well my idea of him.

finally there's the really cute girl behind me. i've been thinking all this time how i'd describe her here. she has a cute look to her, but more than that i have no problem hearing her say or seeing her do extremely cute words and actions without even knowing that they are cute. (and yes i'm very partial to cute vs. other attractive charachteristics) snuggled in the comfy chair behind me... it's hard to get a good long look of her but i've managed a few times, certainly not enough tho, but can you ever sneek a peek enough? there's something about her, i can't put my finger on it but i've got an attraction to her in some way. is it the way she's presented herself? is it her body language? or is it the fact that i can fantasize about knowing her and spending time with someone who to me seems so intresting... the more i look at her the more ideas i get about her... and the more i like her. life is really random, here i am writing about Burn-In testing for my Unysis presentation and instead i'm spending time writing in my blog and checking out this girl who is sitting behind me. do i have a future with this girl? will i see her after today? i can't answer that... what is she thinking? is she as intrested in the old man who's reading the paper, or the fat kid next to him wearing his sunglasses. maybe, i've got her attention, or intrest, or she's got questions about me, better yet, ideas!

on a limb, i could fantasize that maybe somehow someway she'd accidentally surf onto my website, read my blog, look at my picture (prolly the fishing one!!! glory!) and recognize me as the intresting guy, with a yellow sanrio pencil case, typing intensely on my laptop at that one starbucks on that one night... and i'd float around in her mind just as she's floating around in mine.

some things would just be nice. but that's just an idea.


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