Friday, September 13, 2002

people and time

there's so many people on this planet that we'll get to meet and know. there's so much time that we have in order to do so. and while everyone is so wrapped up in finding that "perfect" someone, trying to meet "new" people, i feel rather nonchalant about the whole ordeal. why am i not stressing about finding a wife that i can live with forever? because, i've already met her. or at least i think i have.

problem is i just don't know which one she is.

sounds like my theory has a few holes in it doesn't it? well hear me out. this is something i've been thinking about and my older friends have been proving me correct (which i remember since this sort of thing rarely happens) but through kindergarten, up to middle school, over to high school and then to college i've met hundreds even thousands of people. and i've lost contact with most of them. only a few are really people who i consider friends and are close to me. so let me tie this in....

i belive that i've met most of my best friends already. and when i say meet them i don't mean that i currently keep in contact with them (all of them i mean)

see i have heard the story over and over: people know each other thru grade school, or thru college or for some time. then the don't see eachother for years. decades even, and they re-meet eachother. and became best friends or lovers or whatever.

so many times i've heard that. so while everyone's looking for people that they've never met, they most often find someone who they've already met, which is much more comforting considering that if you re-meet someone who you've known of for 10 years, and they're still sane, normal people.. they're much eaiser to trust and whatnot.

anyhow. that's how i look at things. they fall into place somehow without us knowing. but guessing is always fun.


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