Tuesday, September 17, 2002


a few people have asked me why it is that this blog is so vague. it was put by michael, after i posted his poem and then told him i did so, that sometimes i say that there's a couple walking... and other times i describe the details of the imprint of their feet in the sand.

i guess sometimes i want to describe the couple and sometimes i want them to be abstract. most of the time when i read a book and then see the movie i picture the charachters and the scenery much different than the director of the movie. and when i see the scenarios in places that feel wrong i can't relate.

with this methodology (which isn't all that wonderful) i keep a rather vague writing style in order to allow the reader to imagine. or better yet, so that when i go back and read what i wrote, i can hopefully find that my words don't pertain to just one incedent in my life but many.... since the world works in patterns and some patterns are very similar if not exact.

so as i sit in my idle three walled cubicle, and the world around me is ringing, talking, scratching, crumbling, and producing.. i'm in my little hole hiding from the world and secretly communicating to sustain life if not for just one more day. not sure if i'll come out of my cacoon just yet. but some day i'll be forced and i'll either be ready or i won't be.


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