Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Suitcase Speakers

i built a backpack for my brother with speakers and a built in amp earlier. just as i finished the project, i picked up 2 suitcases with the hopes that i could make even more portable sound systems.

well here they are! both use the same internal amplifier, battery pack, and tweeters. the only difference between the two is the suitcase and the 4" woofers. the beige suitcase was constructed with thin plywood, and the speakers i used were significantly larger/heavier. so that suitcase outweighs the blue one by almost 2x.

i took a bunch of pics for each build process, but they all look the same as my initial backpack project. so i decided that posting them would be boring, redundant, and time consuming for me.

i gave the beige suitcase to my sister for xmas, and the blue one to my girlfriend because she deserves one. she helped me go to the fair and pick out suitcases, and she tolerates that my apartment kitchen table is more often used as a workbench than a place to sit and eat.

the volume knobs cost $4 but they were well worth it, they really give the suitcase a quality look/feel.

surprisingly both sounds pretty equal, even though the beige suitcase has significantly larger and more expensive woofers. i think i spent $75 in materials for the blue and $125 in materials for the beige including the price of the cases.


Connor said...

Hi, I was wondering what amp & speakers you've used on the build as I'm looking at building one and want something fairly powerful? Cheers

Connor said...
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feeling entropy said...

http://www.parts-express.com/ is where i purchased all of the electronics.

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