Wednesday, February 26, 2014

live edge trestle table part 14

the saga finally ends!

my friend daniels came over and saw the famous desk i had been talking about for well over a year. his initial reaction was to hug it.

it took me 90 minutes to clear out the old desk. my desk space is home to 5 speakers, two rack-mount audio components, two computers, two monitors, external hard drives, phone (land line), headset, modem, router, computer accessories, and more.

if life was simpler, this is what my desk would look like.

my place isn't huge, thus the big speaker to my left. but hey, i like speakers.

you may be able to tell that some of my pictures are clear and beautiful while others are a bit grainy and full of noise. that's because the nice pics are compliments of my new gopro hero3+, and the grainy pics are my iphone 4s. i captured these pics in the morning with just the right amount of 10am sunlight.

i have no problem hearing my music.

the desk is nice and deep. i can rest my elbows on it while i type, which is what i prefer. i can push the keyboard, mouse, and trackpad away from me and have plenty of room for good old pencil and paper.

the two pictures below are my favorite, i couldn't decide which one captured the entire setup better so i included them both

and here we have the credenza alongside the trestle table. it feels amazing to have two pieces in my house that i built with my dad. i built these suckers to last, so hopefully they will be in my family for generations. but for now i'll be using them to write more blog posts and listen to music while doing so.

overall i spent about $750 in materials and the project took about 120 hours of labor. this doesn't include plane tickets or gas, cause i'd be visiting my parents regardless of whether i'm building a table. so what's next?


gaga said...

woohoo! it's gorgeous and i'm so proud of you! i can't wait to see it in person and hug it too.

next should be a display case for george's shoes. or maybe a dining table for us :) heck, just build a house.

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joseph goldfarb said...

Thanks for the detailed blog. I just began playing with epoxy on live wood and whoa... I need help. Hence, I landed here. Seems I am in for one hell of a trip! ;)

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