Wednesday, February 12, 2014

live edge trestle table part 8

A major part of this job was the epoxy. In fact, most of the hours logged on this project can be attributed to epoxy. for those that don't know, epoxy is two liquids, when mixed they slowly cure into a solid.

I decided to use a piece of chinese elm for a test piece of epoxy filling. My end goal is to fill each and every crack, crater, and hole with epoxy so that the table top is smooth and crack free.

first, mix the epoxy. this is important as the incorrect ratio will result in the epoxy not hardening.

Tape the hole so the epoxy doesn't just flow out on the to ground

And let it sit. I made sure to fill the epoxy high enough so that I can sand the hardened epoxy down to the level of the board.

I taped some of the epoxy to do a compare contrast vs. sanded and not sanded.

here's the epoxy after being sanded on the right, and pulling the tape off the left. Looks pretty cool!

I took a belt sander to the table top before pouring epoxy. This was a complete waste of time, and it was hot outside. Next time I will pour epoxy then do my belt sanding.

link to part 9


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