Tuesday, February 25, 2014

live edge trestle table part 13

my parents are awesome. they packed up the truck and drove 500 miles to drop off the table, then they drove 500 more just to go home. if you didn't sing that last sentence then you are missing out on a pretty nerdy song.

the table made it safely to san francisco, here's the legs and stretcher upon arrival.

the table top leaned up against the wall, just waiting to be resting on some walnut crotchwood legs.

the stretcher hanging out with hardware holes showing.

since we finished this about a month and a half ago, the finish had cured fully and was nice and hard. this means it was ready to get waxed. my choice of wax is howard's feed-n-wax. this stuff smells good and gives a great texture to the wood. usually people look at wood pieces with their hands, this is what they are really touching. i apply with a "0000" steel wool, then wipe off with a clean rag after about 10 mins.

getting ready to assemble! i needed help so i recruited the girlfriend. she is preparing to help lift the table top onto the assembled base.

base with no top

base with top

because this project spanned well over a year, i felt the need to take more pictures than necessary. in fact my iphoto album has nearly 700 pictures dedicated to this table. here's a few.

i just love how rich the legs and top came out, there's something magical and mesmerizing in that beautiful grain pattern.

if that wasn't enough pictures of the final project, my next entry will have pictures of the desk where it was meant to be, with a computer and speakers on it.


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