Friday, February 21, 2014

live edge trestle table part 12

And now folks, the moment that I've been waiting for... The finishing! I sanded this table top first at 80grit with the belt sander, then 120 then 180, then 220, then 320, then 400, and finally 600 grit!! Let me say now that this table top is smoother than a baby's butt.

Here's a shot of a crack and the swimming pool, these should blend in far more once the finish is applied.

Another epoxy filed crack close up, as you run your fingers over it with your eyes closed you can't tell where the wood stops and the epoxy starts.

I'm proud at how the joint came out, again it's hard and easy to see but impossible to detect upon touch. I guarantee you can't keep your hands off of parts like this in the table top.

In order to attach the table top to the legs I cut a few pieces of walnut and attached them to the top of the leg using screws. The screws were counter sunk and then covered with a walnut plug.

Closer pic of the holes where the hardware holds everything together.

Here's that piece with finish applied. HOLY SMOKES does it look amazing. These walnut crotches are so beautiful with light sand colored sapwood transitioning to deep browns and purples in the middle.

the stretcher looks amazing as well, with that big knot looking at you like the eye from Lord of the Rings!

The bottom of the table top has grooves routed for where the table top meets the legs.

And here's the finished table top. the colors of this black oak are simply beautiful, and all of those cracks and knots add so much character to the piece. All of the epoxy work seems to have paid off.

link to part 13


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